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For her part, Zsuzsi was a model and former air hostess with a neat line in flirty banter. The prince is photographed as he relaxes on his 21st birthday at his home at York House, 18th December 1962. She made him an identical ring so hed never forget that promise. Zsuzsi is in contact with Gerda Einbock of her flight attendant graduation class. For the first time on camera Zsuzsi Starkloff tells the story of her forbidden relationship with Prince William of Gloucester, in a film rebuilding the lost legacy of the royal family's forg For the first time on camera Zsuzsi Starkloff tells the story of her forbidden relationship with Prince William of Gloucester, in a film rebuilding the lost legacy of the royal family's forgotten star. "It was like a tidal wave. He recently attended celebrations for the queen's Platinum Jubilee. But we are trying hard to collect all the information about him and will update you soon. Elizabeth Sudmeier 1 . Nowadays, he is referred to as The Other Prince William, but who was Prince William of Gloucester and why was his life cut so tragically short? SUPPORT OUR JOURNALISM: Please consider donating to keep our website running and free for all - thank you! SELECT AGE . Do you question the accuracy of a fact you just read? Just as alarms started ringing, he slowed the plane enough that his friend could slam the door shut and fasten it securely. Prince William was obviously Nicole Sieffs type. Though the details are scarce, at some point in his life, William hiked through the Sahara Desert. Anyway, despite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dating, Queen Elizabeth ended Prince Williams association with Zsuzsi in 1970, fearing a repeat of her Uncle Edward VIIIs adoration for the beautiful American divorcee, who abandoned him. In 1972, Prince William of Gloucester who was a qualified pilot and who owned several aircrafts himself was competing in the Goodyear International Air Trophy, near Wolverhampton, UK. Prince William of Gloucester tragically died in a plane crash in 1972 at the age of 30. Her natural. William would die in a plane crash in 1972. William was far from the first royal to fall for someone beneath their station. Nope. "He said she was very gracious and told him to 'follow your heart'. As one . The King was well aware of the risks; he wrote to Williams mother saying that should anything happen to Henry, he would become the boys guardian himself. One false move would have meant the end of William and his friendsbut William knew just what to do. William left diplomatic service to, as he put it, take on his full-time job as a royal prince. Away from the standard royal duties and protocol, William could live something of a normal life. Tragically, William of Gloucester would never get the chance to meet that woman. Fathers name is Not Available. "It was amazing, we had such different backgrounds different families, different countries, different language but we just clicked and we never had arguments. Zsuzsi M Starkloff Age 80+ | Steamboat Springs, CO View Full Report Phone | Current Address | Public Records | Criminal Records Top Result for Zsuzsi Starkloff in CO 1 The best result we found for your search is Zsuzsi M Starkloff age 80+ in Steamboat Springs, CO. "I felt guilty for not going, that somehow things would have been different if I had been by his side.". Having moved to Tokyo with her second. Despite this, their correspondence continued until his death in 1972. There's something about American divorces REX/Shutterstock Edward VIII's decision to abdicate rather than leave the love of his life Wallis Simpson resulted in a constitutional crisis. The royal family rejoiced at the birth of a new sonbut it wasnt yet safe to reveal him to the world. When word of their relationship reached royal courtiers, they were adamant that Starkloff was not suitable.. ", Eli Clln asked: "Why isn't this mentioned in The Crown??? The Royals knew she was the perfect person to remind him of his duty. "We heard a party is not a party without you, and besides I'm missing a slipper,' signed Cinderella.". Though nearly 20 years younger, William was quite close with his cousin, Princess Elizabeth. Yet William was also dismayed by the restrictions of royal life and, after his traditional Eton and Cambridge education, he eschewed the expected military career for one in the diplomatic service. The last time they met in person was in August 1970. Just a few years younger, Charles was the perfect age to see William as a superhero. But their efforts were in vain. Please submit feedback to contribute@factinate.com. (Channel 4), "A British prince and a Hungarian girl met in Tokyo Japan 47 years ago. She found them kind and accommodating, but from the moment she arrived, she felt the distance between them. In addition, Starkloff has amassed a fortune from her profession as a model and an insightful person. Zsuzsi Starkloff 2560 Ski Trail Ln Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Age 87 (Born Oct 1936) (970) 879-6717. It took two hours to get the blaze under control. 'If William had been born in a different age he'd have been free to pursue his heart. The relationship with Starkloff was further explored in the 2015 Channel 4 TV do*entary, The Other Prince William. He was to pilot the aircraft along with his friend Vyrell Mitchell, who would join him for the ride. She kept in touch with him a message the next day and sent it around to the British embassy, knowing nothing about the stodgy system. Prince Henry and Princess Alice welcomed Starkloff into their home. Well, normal for someone whos stinking rich. One of her former business associates described her as very beautiful, with large brown eyes and long auburn hair. It's said he died instantly. He was seen with many different foreign girls on various nights out on the town. A Hungarian divorcee would have become 'the new Mrs Simpson' were it not for a tragic accident, she tells Isobel James. Zsuzsi told Channel 4 she came up with a plan to meet the royal with the movie star looks. While still married, her first husband suffered a brutal crash at Le Mans and he barely survived. So, who really was the other Prince William? William and Starkloff could pretend like they were a normal couple for a while, but not forever. He would never be with Zsuzsi Starkloff againbut that didnt stop him from trying to replace her. James Walton is The Spectators TV critic. A difficult year for Albert and Charlene finally winds to an end, The Duchess of Cambridge wows TV audiences with a musical piano performance on Christmas Eve, The princess whose royal wedding had to wait until the heir to the throne had married, The life, scandals and loves of Princess Margaret, Princess Margaret's fashion favourite: Christian Dior, How Princess Margaret made a poignant nod to her late father, King George VI, on her wedding day. "A dashing young man, it's no wonder the women of his time were awed by his charming looks. Matt Hancock thought kissing report wasntthat bad While cursing that fg CCTV camera, the indefatigable Hancock said that [theSuns] write up is very gentle, after the paper released pictures of him and Gina Coladangelo in a rule-breaking embrace. Potter/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. William still had the same adventurous streak, and he wanted to see the world. William was also idolised by the young Prince Charles, who adored his older cousin. However, he seems to have trusted Margaret, because he introduced the two of them. As a grandson of King George V, William was the most handsome and exciting royal of his generation, known as the "James Bond" of the monarchy. In 1965, the royal started working for the Commonwealth Office, working in Lagos as the third secretary at the British High Commission. He was more like the movie James Bond and the Sean Connery that I knew. Born in the 1930s to a working-class family in Hungary, Zsuzsi was married at 16 and by her late-20s was twice divorced, with a young daughter, Andrea. In 2011, the Daily Mail carried a long story about how the Queens cousin Prince William of Gloucester, who died in a plane crash aged 30, had been Prince Charless boyhood idol. Prince Charles took Williams loss particularly hard. He was very unspoiled. One of the boys later told BBC News, We tried to break into the planes doors and then tried to break it in half by pulling at the tail. Former model and stewardess Zsuzsi Starkloff was in a relationship with Prince William of Gloucester. After that, youd think maybe shed want a nice boring man, but instead, she went for William of Gloucester. I knew that she was going to take it badly, but I had no idea about the insane lengths she would go to just to get revenge and mess with my life. As a twice-divorced Jewish and Hungarian mother of two young children, their relationship was never formally acknowledged. Now that the Royal Familys own 007 was back in England, everyone wanted to know what he was up to. As energetic as it was, his relationship with Starkloff was marred by misfortune and shame. Shanann Watts 2. He appeared on the balcony and also at the National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral, sitting directly in front of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Clearly, Prince William was unlike any royal wed ever seen. In fact, they were determined to put a stop to it. Prince William of Gloucester was the Queen's first cousin, and at the time of her wedding in 1947, where he was a page boy, he was fourth in line for the throne. 18-30 31-40 41-50 51-59 60+ Reset Age Filter. The Other Prince William (2015), Double-Band Films, The Tragic Story Of Britain's Playboy Prince, Real Royalty, The Truth Always Comes Out: Dark Family Secrets Exposed, Entrancing Facts About Madame de Pompadour, France's Most Powerful Mistress, Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIIIs First Wife, Mysterious Facts About Josephine Earp, The Mendacious Wild West Woman, Vulgar Facts About Lenny Bruce, Stand-Up Comedys Virtuous Villain, Unbridled Facts About Daisy Greville, The Saucy Socialite, Macabre Facts About Wednesday, The Spooky Streaming Sensation. But we are sure that it is not available and his spouses name is not available. Besides that, I'm missing a slipper, signed Cinderella'," she revealed. Her birth date was listed as June 1, 1936. At the time of his birth, Prince William was fourth in line to the British throne and a page boy at then-Princess Elizabeth's wedding in 1947. Zsuzsi, who spent the rest of her life in Colorado, was completely heartbroken to lose William. She met the ruler over a mixed drink when she was there in 1968, not long after the unknown office sent him to town as a 26-year-old negotiator. Once, while in Japan, he took some friends on a flight in one of his planes. Wallis Simpson with Edward VIII who gave up the throne of England to marry the woman he loved. "A British prince and a Hungarian girl met in Tokyo Japan 47 years ago. According to Zsuzsi: "The first time I saw Princess Margaret she came into a theatre where she was guest of honour and we all stood up, and somebody pointed me out to her and she looked very surprised. On it I wrote, 'Dear Prince Charming. Before he met the love of his life, William only had eyes for one woman: his mother. The "W" stands for Prince William of Gloucester, the Queen's cousin and a handsome young royal who was fourth in line to the throne. The tall, handsome, and daring prince seemed more like a movie star than a royal. We wrote a note that said, 'Dear Prince Charming we hear a party isn't a party without you. William once said of his mother, She is a human being and she must possess some faults. Also, we have no idea about his brother and sister, and we dont know their names either. Through his father, he was one of the youngest grandchildren of King George V and Queen Mary, meaning he was also first cousins with Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. When Margaret returned to London, she wrote to William, telling him he should wait and see how things worked out. They are in relation from previous few years of a strong relationship. As deafening wind flooded the cockpit, Williams close friend grabbed onto the door and did his best to hold it closed. She was there to talk some sense into him. Follow the topics, people and companies that matter to you. Prince William of Gloucester (1941 - 1972) boards his Piper Twin Comanche at Cambridge Airport, before embarking on a three-week trip to Japan in August 1968. "But it was Zsuzsi Starkloff that stole his heart. Starkloff claimed she already knew then that their love was doomedbut William wasnt ready to give up on it just yet. She escaped the Communist dictatorship that had taken over her nation at the age of 20 and made her way to America, where she was quickly awarded US citizenship. Besides that, Im missing a slipper, signed Cinderella. Do you think he got the message? It was not good. Zsuzsi Starkloff 63160 Forest Service Rd 490 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 (970) 870-6717. She was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1936. In 1956 she escaped the communist regime that was infiltrating her homeland and came to the USA as a refugee. ", Love for William and Zsuzsi blossomed quickly and, according to Zsuzsi, three months into the relationship William said, "I never thought love could be this beautiful.". William was a working stiff now, but he hadnt given up on his daredevil lifestyle. But it was no good, we had to go back because of the heat. Former model and stewardess Zsuzsi Starkloff had a long-running relationship with William. A glamorous 32-yearold former air stewardess, she had split from her second husband, a pilot, and was working as a model. At the time of his birth, he was fourth in line to become King of England. Born in Hungary, model Zsuzsi Starkloff moved to Japan to be the face of Revlons Japanese advertising campaign. "I was devastated," she says quietly. Zsuzsi Starkoff had known William, the dashing young diplomat who flew planes and cooked breakfast. Clearly, William wasnt over Starkloff, and he wasnt ready to settle down. He'd invited Zsuzsi to join him but she had other commitments that day. He had to make something of himself. William was obviously deeply in love with Zsuzsi. In one call, in late summer 1972, William rang Zsuzsi and asked if she wanted to fly to England and join him in the cockpit when he took part in an air race. A chain carrying a signet ring carved with the letter "W", it is the legacy of a love affair that began nearly half a century ago. And we danced, and that's when our relationship truly began. It was in this role that in 1968, at the age of 26, he was posted to Japan where, within a week, he met Zsuzsi at a party. Zsuzsi died last month, aged 83, still loving her prince and wearing his ring, just as he was still wearing hers when he died 48 years before. Though he could never go against his familys wishes, he wouldnt forget about her. Not long after Williams letter, he received a visitor from back home: His cousin, Princess Margaret. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images) (PA Images via Getty Images), Zsuzsi Starkloff spoke about her romance with William in a 2015 documentary. Photographed here on 17th December 1962. Then, just a few months later, he was torn away yet again. He could be tiresomely selfish, according to his biographer. Find 1 person named Zsuzsi Starkloff along with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on PeekYou - true people search. "I had no doubt that he intended us to marry if we could," she says now. That is not what ended up happening. Dazzlingly handsome, athletic and adventurous, he was the star royal of his generation and the idol of a young Prince Charles who, many years later, would name his first-born son in his memory. Zsuzsi Maria Starkloff was in a long-term relationship with Prince William of Gloucester till dying made them apart. Prince William of Gloucester 1941 - 1972. Margaret was the perfect choice, after all. Williams early days with Starkloff were a whirlwind. After all, it clinchingly reminded us, the later Prince William was free to marry Kate for reasons of the heart. However, this was also the first time shed ever seen her William back home with his family. "Long ago and far away; a love story between Prince William and a Hungarian girl in Tokyo, Japan.". Fortunately, the couple had an unlikely ally inside the royal family. Though he was a prince of England, William of Gloucester wasnt born in some decadent palace like most of his kin. An interview with Starkloff . The video has so far amassed over 1.3 million views. Prince William and Zsuzsi Starkloff eventually went their separate ways, but they never truly gave up on each other. She lived until May 2020, when she lost her fight with cancerbut for all those years, she still wore Williams ring around her neck. Passionate about aviation, William is said to be the youngest royal to obtain his pilot's license and spent 16 days flying himself to his new post in Japan. In 1936 she was born in Budapest, Hungary. But when she arrived, William decided to take a chance. A clip summarizing the prince's short life was shared on TikTok by Sarah Lalor under the account @history_withsarah last week. Prince William of Gloucester 1941 - 1972. He was going to try and make this relationship work. The young prince was a page boy at the Queens wedding, in 1947. Also, we have no information about his son and daughter. Sound familiar? "I was perhaps two different people. In one respect, Prince William, a member of the family, and treated in that way. Subscribe to leave a comment. They tragically never got the happy ending they both deserved. It is even believed that his cousin, Princess Margaret, was sent to Japan to encourage him to think about his duties over the relationship. "It was hard, as I didn't like to see William struggle. There was speculation that Princess Margaret's visit, the queen's sister and Prince William's cousin, to Tokyo in 1969, was to check up on the pair. Omarosa Manigault 2. We were just two people happy to be together.". Hes said to be the youngest royal to obtain his pilots license. Despite the royal familys misgivings about Starkloff, she had honest intentions and her love for William of Gloucester was true. Having been educated at Wellesley Prep School and Eton College, the Prince was remembered by his classmates and teachers for being smart, as well as incredibly athletic. "My relationship with William had nothing to do with his title or me wanting to be a princess, that wasn't what it was about and William knew that," Zsuzsi said. And that's when the relationship began. She conversed in flawless Japanese and was clearly a very clever woman. That was all the encouragement William needed. "There isn't a day that I don't think about William. Prince William of Gloucester 1941 - 1972. When word of their relationship reached royal courtiers, they were adamant that Starkloff was not suitable. They rented a secret love nest near the ocean, and for a painfully short time, they could pretend they were like any other couple. Though William no longer had the same freedom he enjoyed in Japan, he was still as adventurous as always. She escaped the communist fascism that had taken control of her country at the age of 20 and marched to America, where she immediately received American citizenship. See production, box office & company info, A Tragic Slice of Royal History (Rare Footage). She even went out with Sean Connery several times while he visited to shoot a movie. Not a day," Zsuzsi said. Years later, Starkloff reminisced, My relationship with William had nothing to do with his title or me wanting to be a princess, that wasnt what it was about and William knew that. Getty Images. He asked his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, how they would react if he married. Though Margaret didnt directly encourage William to pursue his relationship with Starkloff, she did leave him with one small glimmer of hope. Prince William of Gloucester was in all probability essentially the most well-known royal of the twentieth century. William was greatly admired by his family, none more so than by his second cousin, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. I was very busy, my daughter was with me, she was a teenager, I had a lot of new friends, and very interesting people. And if the winds ever changed, he would come back for her. With an origin like that, is it any wonder they fell in love? Your suggestions can be as general or specific as you like, from Life to Compact Cars and Trucks to A Subspecies of Capybara Called Hydrochoerus Isthmius. Well get our writers on it because we want to create articles on the topics youre interested in. William had participated in plenty of races beforebut this was where his luck finally ran out. "We were never formal together from the start. Well, the good news is that Zsuzsi has certainly changed. A month later, he sent word: Starkloff was to join him in England. In 1936 she was born in Budapest, Hungary. She was apparently there for "British Week" which focused on British and Japanese trade relations, but it was clear she was also there to check up on William. According to those telepathic royal commentators, the prince was still determined to marry her, but just as he was about to pop the undocumented question, his father the Duke suffered a stroke and William had to return to Britain. But no one is perfectnot even Prince Charming. In 1972, he signed up to compete for the Goodyear International Air Trophy. He was born Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick on December 18, 1941, to Prince Henry and Princess Alice, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Auto news:Shock new reason behind car delays - drive.com.au, Prince William of Gloucester (1941 - 1972) relaxes on his 21st birthday at his home at York House, 18th December 1962. It was his career that led him to Zsuzsi, the woman he loved even though some members of the royal family were determined that he would not be allowed to marry her. Now, his relationship is perfect. Admittedly, I cant claim to be a royal expert myself. The blizzard of clichs began immediately when we were introduced to the playboy prince with the movie-star looks whose great love affair was destined to end in tragedy. He wouldnt have to worry for much longer, however. Prince William's title by birthright instead went to his younger brother, Prince Richard, the current Duke of Gloucester. Leave a sympathy message to the family in the guestbook on this memorial page of Zsuzsana Maria Starkloff to show support. From the moment he was born, Williams life was in danger. She told him, Ask me and find out. "She and William talked for quite a bit, I was very curious about what she would say, I didn't ask William. It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Zsuzsana Maria Starkloff (Steamboat Springs, Colorado), who passed away on May 1, 2020, at the age of 83, leaving to mourn family and friends. View Zsuzsi Starkloff's record in Steamboat Springs, CO including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages. Starkloff was 83 years old when she died in 2020. The on-screen text says: "The tragic love story of the "other" Prince William. In 2015 Zsuzsi gave a rare interview to Britain's Channel 4 for a documentary, opening up about their love story and of the grief she still feels for the man she fell in love with nearly half a century ago. Ted West/Getty Images, "It's a true fairy tale," Zsuzsi says simply. Zsuzsi Starkloff eventually married, but she never let go of her daring prince. Whats more, her son Charles absolutely idolized his older cousin. She could scarcely believe the man was a princebut shed soon receive a painful reminder. A fascinating documentary about the devastatingly handsome and now, pretty much forgotten Prince William of Gloucester, (1st cousin to Queen Elizabeth) and his forbidden relationship with the beautiful and elegant Zsuzsi Starkloff. Zsuzsi Starkloff was married to ONA pilot Ed Starkloff in the beginning of the sixties. He acted as a page boy at her wedding when he was just seven years old. Well, the good news is that Zsuzsi has certainly changed her mind since. Sound familiar? William was the elder brother of Prince Richard (who is now the Duke of Gloucester) he would have inherited the Dukedom of Gloucester had it not been for his untimely passing. William of Gloucester was also prepared to give up his right to the throne to marry a divorcee Hungarian, Zsuzsi Starkloff. They dont make them like William of Gloucester anymore. He took a post in Lagos, then a few years after that, transferred to the British Embassy in Tokyo. She never truly got over the death of the man she still calls the love of her life. ", Lmw5062 said: "I've never heard about this before. The prince then performed an emergency stall in midair. She was shocked to find that he was a totally different person. Donald Lee Sundin is also linked with this address. He performed his regular checks before taking off that day, but he missed something. redfin associate agent application process, angels in waiting casa grande obituaries,