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in the category Hurt/Comfort/Whump. Please consider turning it on! Ready to get your ship on? There he meets Samantha Carter who is a visiting professor at the college. Favorite: Joined 05-31-04, id: 599721, . And no matter what Captain Carter tries, the frozen Stargate will not dial out. Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Admittedly, none of them had chosen to do this but she would never go so far as to declare it rape. All the more surprising was it when she heard him groan lowly, the sound reverberating against the skin of her neck. But, I dont have any say in that. This story was nominated in the 2014 Sam/Jack Multimedia Awards: Find out more about the Sam and Jack Multimedia Awards. About: Set in Season 10, when Daniel is mysteriously transformed into an infant for a month, Jack decides to take him back to Washington, DC and the Department of Homeworld Security. Apophis' invasion happens and is successful in destroying humanity as he, his son, and his queen are ruthless and somewhat reshape the Earth to pacify the populace. Accidents Will Happen by ALC Punk (M rated; link to author's profile) - Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill accidentally get married. But as one loop draws toward its inevitable end, he decides to act on that forbidden love. An AU scenario where instead of being driven off by Sam, Jack, Teal'c and their band of rebels, Hathor has taken control of the United States and has her sights set on making sure the other nations of Earth bow down before her. Threads: Jack sits with Sam as she watches her dying father from the observation room. This thread looks interesting. Meeting strange new people wasnt unusual either for the Best Friends Squad. Each story will be added to this piece as a chapter, so if you'd like to follow along, be sure to hit the 'subscribe' tab! So maybe youd be more comfortable reading that version? If their ranks and their working relationship are ultimately what keep Sam and Jack apart, what happens when all of that is stripped away? I've made another thread about. reading behaviour of The Jack O'Neill - Daniel discovers something worrying. Every reader interprets a story a different way. Usually he was quiet and discreet about it. Carter gets up the courage to drive to Jacks house, sits in her car for a while working up her nerve, and when she finally speaks with the man with whom shes been through so much ahhh, theres another woman. Written to satisfy my gremlin brain :P Robot Jack has his revenge in more ways than one ;3 Enjoy my self indulge work XD (No beta we die like Goa'uld! Chapter 10 @Richard: Why the downvote? Alternate Realities, Universes and Timelines,,,,, Sin City by Karibou (M rated; doesn't appear to be available online anymore - you can PM, No Choice by Celeste (R rated; doesn't appear to be available online anymore), She Blinded Me With Science by Karibou (M rated; doesn't appear to be available online anymore), Under Her Shadow by Celeste (R rated; doesn't appear to be available online anymore), Above and Beyond by Jen Camp (M rated; doesn't appear to be available online anymore). Sam's life takes a turn in an unexpected direction when she's faced with an unplanned pregnancy. For starters, Carter and Jackson had fled Earth well before the invasion in a vain and faint hope of finding at least one ally to fight back with when Earth was ultimately defeated. I have two other projects Im working on at the moment, and after that Ill probably start working on the sequel for Aschen. I liked the subtlety of it. Unwilling to accept a forced marriage and life in a breeding facility under Aschen control, she runs away from home to find the resistance and fight for the freedom of Earth as well as her own. have really been possible late in the series after Jacks retirement. This story won 1st place in the 2016 Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards in the category All-Time Favorite Stargate Fanfic. MGM Television Prod. Chapter 48 I'm so happy and excited for you! -, , , . What if this is just fun for her? etc. The Colonels leg is broken. She felt her own muscles contract uncontrollably for a moment, and turned her face against his temple to muffle a soft little sob of shame. After SG-1 pays a visit to P3R-118 they find themselves not only captives, working in an industrial underground, but also with their memories wiped. Chapter 8 Chapter 32 (Unabridged!) And all the guys who tried to harass her on the streets. This is a gift to the amazing Caro! SG1's Producer (Joseph Malozzi) had this to offer on his blog in 2008; But what about SG-1? some of you will (and have) asked. There are close friends, an Asgard transporter beam, and happily ever after. Way too much sexual tension for it not to pay off. Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Tealc dont know who they are, but rather have had false identities imprinted onto their minds. ;) Shes been on some missions in between and strengthened her bond with her teamboth Daniel and Jack. They play golf through an open Stargate. What happened between Carter and Martouf? Best Action/Adventure Or John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan? Thank you, Im so glad you like it, and thank you for reading it. In the end, it turns out that Jack wouldn't leave Carter behind to die (or to somehow later escape on her own) because "he cared for her far more than is appropriate [for his position]", and he lied for that reason. Posted by Kimberley Jackson | May 8, 2015 | Featured, Novels, Stargate SG-1 | 24 |, Stargate Aschen Title Image (Kimberley Jackson). :). Why not watch one of the other hundreds of soap drama if you are interested in romance. Names of Sam and Jack's Children in Fanfiction (be that biologically or adopted): GIRL'S NAMES A-B Abby Instead by Nadie2: This story is an AU story in which Sam and Jack start dating before either joins the stargate program. Link your TV provider to stream movies, full episodes, and live TV. When she found herself stranded, alone in a nebula on a deserted Prometheus (and with a head injury), Sam couldnt stop her mind from going there. Geschichte: Fanfiction / Serien & Podcasts / Stargate / Stargate SG1 / Still love in SG 1. That was new for both. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. Possible rape trigger! It's time for Atlantis to become a fully functioning city and take the fight to the Wraith. The Best of Sam & Jack | FanFiction Home Community TV Shows Stargate: SG-1 The Best of Sam & Jack The Best of Sam & Jack Follow . Sam Carter and Jack ONeill are a classic Stargate couple, who developed powerful feelings for each other in their years of service together. :), Your email address will not be published. Romance may have never played a big part on Stargate SG-1, but the Sam-Jack Shippers have always been a vocal part of fandom. SG-1 pays the library a visit. Death Knell: after being rescued from the Kull Warrior, Sam just needs a moment to catch her breath. But Jack refused to leave her behind the same thing he would do for anyone on his team, yes. By the way: That knowing look that he gives her at the start of the next loop? Thanks to Raven Clark for beta-ing this. Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. reasons. Chapter 11 Awww great list! Jack on the other hand is a bit of a dark knight in this scene. Entering a gate leading to an unknown planet while dodging fire wasnt too uncommon for SG-1. Do you want to see an acknowledgement of their relationship in the next movie? Keller: Let's see; older man, Washington. How can we prove that the supernatural or paranormal doesn't exist? - Jack is being smart again, and it's freaking Daniel out. Hes willing to let Sam (the woman hes falling in love with) go in order to keep the promise he made to an unknown woman. Private Reading Circle Kimberley, you have officially hooked me. Just like in a certain story, Hathor tries to kidnap Mal and use her for pleasure, but unfortunately for the goddess, she's messed with the wrong universe. Chapter 14 Stargate SG1:Archives. I finished this story for the second time and I must to say it is still one of the best I have read. Download SYFY's free app to watch full episodes and tons of extras. But in the days that followed another crisis forced the two of them to be honest about those feelings they have, but cannot act on. Its well written and its a unique idea or I guess you could say a new take on an episode and thats hard to do when it seems like so much has already been done. Check out never-before-seen videos, exclusive interviews, and much more! #Stargate #SamJack #fanfiction #Sg1. It took a moment until she was able to get up, her mind still preoccupied by what had just transpired between them. SG1 stories featuring Jack O'Neill getting whumped! Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that OP is referred to the same source as the one in the answer above (from 2015). And she has a theory about how shes been spending her free time. In the commentary to the Atlantis epiode "Trio" Ms Gero said that Sam and Jack are in a secret relationship. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Whatever. I always have taken when two of the main characters start having romantic relationships in a series which didn't start out that way as. Don't expect this to get updated regularly. :) Sure, feel free to skip the sex scenes if youre more comfortable with that. Neither of them was keen on spectators and the dim twilight of the shadowy corner at least provided them with an illusion of privacy. :*. This is NOT a rape story but there is one paragraph in there, which, as my beta Channach pointed out, might disturb people or work as a trigger. The gate is buried, and Jack is stranded on the planet for more than three months. It was hard to do to capture the awkwardness of a sexual encounter. :), Unfortunately, this is the only long story I have written for Stargate SG-1. I really like this story. The Aschen have turned humans into slaves, and seized control over the entire planet, including the Stargatea device that allows them to form a wormhole and travel thousands of light years across the galaxy to their home planet within seconds. I find it interesting that you didn't finish the quote from Mallozzi's blog where he said: Where is the quote from Brad Wright from? Pursuing any sort of Chapter 27 Stargate Watch List: Every Episode With Apophis, Stargate Chatbot Has Some Weird Choices For. We are talking could-be relationships, right? If so, will there be one? relationship would have been inappropriate for both and would only Theres also an abbreviated version of the story on and Archive of Our Own, where most of the sex scenes are missing. (english is not my native language)So the writers argued if Sam and Jack are together or not? How far that got taken in my script may not be what actually happens in any eventual show. They will say I love you eventually :D. Im glad in a way that you are revising this story because I saw it for the first time at AO3. Brilliant alternative reality story. An exceptional piece of Stargate storytelling.