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Photo credit has been given when known. [3] The show was choreographed by Bush and Anthony Van Laast, in collaboration with dancers Stewart Avon Arnold and Gary Hurst.
[17] An hour length video of aspects of the concert was released as a home video directed by Keith McMillan titled Live at Hammersmith Odeon in 1981. Bush performed "Violin", wearing bat wings and taunted by her two dancers dressed as giant violins. Pretty good quality especially for 1980 bootlegs. [7] Namely, Freddie Mercury decided not to wear suspenders and instead chose to wear a red tie, and either black pants with red kneepads or red pants with blue kneepads. There is a May date missing. Prior to the kickoff of the tour, The Bee Gees popularity grew even further following Saturday Night Fever, when they were the headline act on the Music for UNICEF Concert in January. All rights reserved. La Villa Strangiato [3] In 2010, The Guardian noted that British reviews of the tour were almost universally "euphoric". Text is available under the Creative Commons . Tour Dates Date Location Venue; August 17, 1979: Davenport, Iowa . The band's sound is cohesive and the musicality is tight. follow. Their popularity peaked again between 1985 and the early 1990s, when the Wilson sisters had replaced most of the band and moved to Capitol Records. For the show's first encore, Bush and her dancers emerged wearing World War II bomber attire[3] as a parachute was spread across the stage. Encore. The resources and documents presented here are strictly for archival purposes only. 0:00 / 1:50:44 Heart Live in Passiac City [26-1-1979] - Full Show George King 4.64K subscribers Subscribe 669 Share 98K views 9 years ago A quite random upload; Passiac City, January 26 '79;. A shadow projection of the band's saxophone player was used next, during "The Saxophone Song". The tour date lists from the official VH site and Wikedpedia, ( as well as the official Black Sabbath and Journey sites,) are pretty much 90% correct. This site does not condone the sale of unauthorized recordings. These are the actual dates that I know. She was then illuminated by a spotlight for the performance "The Kick Inside" at the piano. Is Avy Lee Roth the Daughter of David Lee Roth? Tour graphics and merchandise Paul Maxwell Ltd. Tour co-ordination Hilary Walker, John Carder Bush, This page was last edited on 27 February 2023, at 01:35. View the concert map Statistics of Heart in 1980! Setlists; Artists; Festivals; Venues; Statistics Stats; News; Forum; Show . Spirits Having Flown Tour (also known as the Spirits Tour and the North American Tour) is the eighth concert tour by the Bee Gees in support of their fifteenth studio album Spirits Having Flown (1979). Ticket stub pictured. August 28: Fleetwood Mac concert. [10] Bush then appeared in Wild West attire whilst brandishing a shotgun,[10] dancing and singing to "James and the Cold Gun". August 4 - 10: Zamora Shrine Circus. Van Halen's http://www.ukmix.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=87637, http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=bDBmAAAAIBAJ&sjid=9IwNAAAAIBAJ&pg=768,1477561&output=html_text. Thanks for the correction and ticket stub. Closer To The Heart [4] The headset prototype was constructed using a coathanger and radio microphone. One of the Spokane shows was rescheduled due to DLR passing out from exhaustion. The name, "Tour of Life", was not coined until after its completion, with all promotional material referring to it simply as the Kate Bush Tour. 1979 (47) 1978 (81) 1977 (62) 1976 (78) 1975 (12) 1974 (8) 1973 (2) 1972 (1 . The tour began on 28 June 1979 in Fort Worth, Texas reaching a total of 38 cities before coming to a close on 6 October 1979 in Miami, Florida. "Sheer Heart Attack" Encore "We Will Rock You" "We Are The . The tour was a critical and commercial success, with most dates selling out and additional shows being added due to high demand. The tour kicked off July Start Date: Jan 18, 1984 - End Date: Sep 2, 1984Locations: North America, Europe (Monsters of Rock) The documentary featured the production and staging of the set, and revealed the extent to which Bush was involved. Hemispheres Tour. Circumstances August 11: The Commodores with A Taste of Honey and L.T.D. It is also worth noting that this is the final tour before Freddie grew his trademark moustache in 1980. As I wondered which Vancouver date was correct. A Farewell To Kings Tour. It was 1 million degrees out and the lead singer ( Ricky Roberts ) in the preceding . Fans Go Crazy on Heart's Love Alive Tour at Xfinity Center in Mansfield (Boston Sports Desk) Read More. setlist.fm Add Setlist. By-Tor And The Snow Dog That Vancouver bootleg is how I first noticed the conflicting tour dates in the first place. They would fly to the next venue and return to their home base immediately following the show. Travolta was in Houston shooting the film Urban Cowboy. She performed the dance routine from the song's music video, before retreating to the top of the ramp, waving to the audience, and exiting the stage as the curtain closed. She then moved to the piano to play "The Man with the Child in His Eyes". Another great sounding bootleg (Grade A). [3] Dance rehearsals took place at The Place during mornings leading up to the tour, before afternoon vocal and band rehearsals in Greenwich. It evolved from an existing band, White Heart. A documentary following two performances of the tour for German audiences entitled Kate Bush in Concert was also aired in Germany in May 1980. It also included a screening of the music video for the single "Hammer Horror". [4][6] Ultimately, each night of the tour sold out.[7]. I guess Im just a stickler for details. ABBA's 1979 tour of North America and Europe, with emphasis on performances at Wembley Arena, London. Heart's 1977 Concert History 30 Concerts Heart is an American rock band formed in 1970 in Seattle, Washington, by Steve Fossen (bass guitar), Roger Fisher (guitar), David Belzer (keyboards), and Jeff Johnson (drums). The tour was notable for the death of Bush's lighting engineer, Bill Duffield, to whom one of the London shows was dedicated. Show all. [2][8] Following the Poole show, the tour's lighting engineer Bill Duffield was killed after falling from a stage and seating structure at the concert venue. After the release of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, The Bee Gees were unable to tour due to their commitment to the Sgt. The 3 Gibb brothers were identically dressed in incredibly skin-tight, white satin trousers and dazzling white spangled jackets throughout the tour. Dog & Butterfly Date: 6/23/1980 $3.49 shipping. "[5] The performance was divided into four sections, concluding with two encores, and incorporated seventeen costume changes and involved thirteen on-stage personnel. It would remain this way through the European Hot Space Tour of 1982. A Farewell To Kings (edit: images wont attach for some reason?). It can get confusing, because one list specifies one date, then another says a different one. They were in England the night before. August 18, 1979: Dubuque, Iowa: Unknown Venue: August 19, 1979: Chicago, Illinois: Comiskey Park: August 21, 1979: . I actually couldnt find any shows in [], This site is not affiliated with Van Halen, their management or record label. Just click to view a specific date. Source: Start Date: 3/3/1978 - End Date: 12/3/1978Locations: North America, Europe, Japan Front and back of tickets from 78/79 VH shows [url=https://www.setlist.fm/edit?setlist=43d033bb&step=song]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/heart-6bd6bed2.html]More Heart setlists[/url], Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Both relationships were falling apart during the tour from which this show was recorded - although after one listen, no one would have known there was anything wrong. Then they won four Grammy awards in February for Fever and by June, they pulled off a feat only matched by The Beatles with six consecutive US number-one singles, when "Love You Inside Out" topped the charts in June, setting the stage for the hottest summer tour since The Beatles in 1964. Use this setlist for your event review and get all updates automatically! Hemispheres Tour: [2][3] Magician Simon Drake performed throughout the show. Working Man Free shipping on many items . If there's a photo you want credited or removed, please let me know: info@themightyvanhalen.net. Dressed in a long coat and trilby hat,[3][10] Bush was joined by two male dancers to perform "Them Heavy People". [7] As the song came to an end, thunder was heard while Bush changed; she emerged with her leotard now fitted with wings, to perform "Kite", being lifted off the stage at the end of the song. Two physical releases were spawned by the tour. ", "Chapter 7: We Are Ruled By Everything Around Us: UK, European tour 1978-79", "Kate Bush announces first live shows since 1979", "Dear Diary: The Secret World of Kate Bush", "Kate Bush: Live at Hammersmith Odeon (1979)", "Flashback: Kate Bush at the Liverpool Empire, April 1979", "Kate Bush announces live shows after 35-year gap", "Why did Kate Bush never tour after 1979? Spirits Having Flown Tour (also known as the Spirits Tour and the North American Tour) is the eighth concert tour by the Bee Gees in support of their fifteenth studio album Spirits Having Flown (1979). View the statistics of songs played live by Heart. 1977 Alabama World Championship Tennis tournament, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Birmingham International Indoor Tennis Championships, 1982 NCAA Tournament Mideast Regional Semifinals and Finals, 1984 NCAA Tournament First and Second Round, 1985 NCAA Tournament Southeast Regional Semifinals and Finals, 1987 NCAA Tournament First and Second Round, 1988 NCAA Tournament Southeast Regional Semifinals and Finals, 1995 NCAA Tournament Southeast Regional Semifinals and Finals, 1995 Jehovah's Witnesses National Convention, 1996 Jehovah's Witnesses National Convention, 1997 NCAA Tournament Southeast Regional Semifinals and Finals, 1997 Jehovah's Witnesses National Convention, 1999 Conference USA Men's Basketball Tournament, 1999 NHSCA National Open Wrestling Championships, 2000 NCAA Tournament First and Second Round, 2000 NHSCA National Open Wrestling Championships, 2003 NCAA Tournament First and Second Round, 58th annual "An Evening of Elegance" Achievement Awards Gala, 2008 NCAA Tournament First and Second Round, 2015 Conference USA Men's Basketball Tournament, Rhythmic gymnastics at the 2022 World Games, Trampoline gymnastics at the 2022 World Games, https://www.bhamwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_events_at_the_BJCC_Coliseum&oldid=191425. Song Statistics Stats; Tour Statistics Stats; Other Statistics; All Setlists. There's no known bootleg from this show, but lots of great photos. Search; Browse Concert Archives . follow. Search Clear search text. Date: 5/22/1978 At times I have cross-referanced different listings, and websites such as Setlist.com, and a few others. Some shows were cancelled, then rescheduled, so that might have something to do with it. And you might also get help in the I was pretty sure they didnt do two shows here. Add setlist, 6 activities (last edit by ExecutiveChimp, 11 Aug 2015, 02:33 Etc/UTC). All setlist songs (1816) Years on tour. Traffic noise was played to the audience while the stage was fitted with a street theme, including fences which the dancers illuminated with torches. After Bush turned down an opportunity to perform as a supporting act for Fleetwood Mac,[1] production for the tour began in December 1978. The second section began with the curtains parting to reveal Bush wearing a long black dress, sitting on top of a piano to perform "In the Warm Room". Bush, now covered in party streamers refused a floating glass of champagne from the magician and performed "Feel It" at the piano.
Show all. [2], Credits and personnel adapted from the Kate Bush Tour programme available at the concerts.[18][19]. Here is a link to another short listing . Due to the band choosing to visit many smaller venues during this tour,[5] their lighting rig was scaled down. Bush, now dressed in a blue leotard covered by a leather jacket, performed while waving to the audience as images of a cloudy sky were projected. [2] [3] Tour dates [ edit] Set list [ edit] "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" "Tiny Dancer" Add setlist. Tour Dates | Heart By Heart Tour Dates Historic Everett Theatre Sat, Apr 1 @ 7:30PM (PDT, UTC-07) Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave, Everett, WA Opening band is "Good Times Roll" - A Tribute to The Cars Venue info: www.yourhistoriceveretttheatre.org Get tickets Share View on Google Maps Ocean 5 Sat, Apr 8 @ 7:00PM (PDT, UTC-07) Nov 21, 1979 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Uploaded by Zimtrim Fleetwood Mac / Danny Dooma and Night Eys Nov 21, 1979 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Uploaded by Zimtrim Fleetwood Mac / Danny Douma Nov 07, 1979 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Uploaded by Zimtrim Fleetwood Mac / Danny Douma And NIght Eyes Nov 26, 1979 Venue: Asbury Park Convention Hall The year following they changed their name to White Heart, and eventually changed the name a final . Note: Dates below in red are links to content posted on this site. I just know for sure about the 79 shows in the Pacific Northwest. setlist.fm Add Setlist. There is a really good thread at Jam To This.com, where Greg posted quite a few corrections out based upon his ticket stub collection. Something For Nothing View the concert map Statistics of Heart in 1979! This list is incomplete and may never satisfy any subjective standard for completeness. 1979 (47) 1978 (81) 1977 (62) 1976 (78) 1975 (12) 1974 (8) 1973 (2) 1972 (1 . From October 1978 to June, 1979. Oct 24, 1981 - Oct 25, 2022 Uploaded by Christopher Lee Helton Van Halen _ Michael Anthony Van Halen Orlando, Florida, United States Tangerine Bowl Rock Super Bowl XII Oct 24, 1981 - Oct 25, 2022 Uploaded by Christopher Lee Helton Van Halen _ Eddie Van Halen Van Halen Orlando, Florida, United States Tangerine Bowl Rock Super Bowl XII Tour Statistics. #rushlive. Tour January 30, 1987 Robert Cray Band: Humble Pie: Eat It Tour: July 30, 1973 Iggy & The Stooges: . March 29, 1979, Adams Fieldhouse, Missoula, MT. [7] Also recorded on 13 May 1979, the video featured only twelve performances as others were marred by technical difficulties. Cygnus X-1 setlist.fm Add Setlist. follow. [1] Prior to their September 24 concert in Landover, the Bee Gees were invited to the White House where President Carter congratulated them for their efforts with UNICEF.[1].
, [url=https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/heart/1979/sioux-falls-arena-sioux-falls-sd-4bd033be.html][img]https://www.setlist.fm/widgets/setlist-image-v1?id=4bd033be[/img][/url] [ WikiPedia] Heart is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Seattle, Washington, as The Army. Heart > Tour Statistics. The tour is also renowned for its use of new technology; because of Bush's determination to dance as she sang, her stage sound engineer Gordon Gungi Paterson developed the wireless headset microphone using a wire clothes hanger, making her the first singer to use such a device on stage. . Purchase Geddy Lee's highly anticipated Big Beautiful Book of Bass. Another spoken word poem was recited by Bush's brother as "Symphony in Blue" (incorporating elements of "Gymnopdie 1" by Erik Satie) began to be played. This page was last modified on 17 July 2022, at 17:41. By the time this show took place, they had already released a number of huge hits that the audience audibly loved hearing. Dog & Butterfly 1 bid. [1] Besides the surprise appearance by Travolta at the Houston concert, many celebrities were in attendance at many of the concerts. [3][10] The Telegraph described Bush as a "stunningly original stage performer", praising the setlist of the show as "dazzling testimony to a remarkable talent, evidently intense rehearsal and technological know-how".[14]. Many say this is the audio track from the VHS Van Halen live in London on the 1980 World Invasion Tour. The Who Tour 1979 was The Who 's first concert tour since the death of original drummer Keith Moon, supporting the ' Who Are You ' album and their film releases The Kids Are Alright and Quadrophenia. The quality on this bootleg is pretty GREAT. After the release of the single "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", . Here is a link to the April, 18, 1979 show review from Google newspapers. A scheduled concert in Kansas City, Missouri had to be cancelled due to severe damage to the roof of Kemper Arena during a violent storm on June 4. Queen concert chronology; Jazz Tour (1978-1979) Crazy Tour (1979) The Game Tour (1980-1981) Crazy Tour was the seventh concert tour by the British rock band Queen during November and December 1979. Song Statistics Stats; Tour Statistics Stats; Other Statistics; All Setlists. Headliner: Black * Van Halen photos by: Michael Brannon Contents 1 History 2 Live Releases 3 Tour band 4 Typical set lists 4.1 First UK/Europe Leg 4.2 First US Leg 4.3 Second UK/US Leg 5 Tour dates $30.00. There are very few mistakes to my knowledge on most other tour listings. Venue: Rainbow Ballroom Audio Bootleg Quality: Van Halen live on 9/15/1982 for their first shows in San Francisco, CA at The Cow Palace. In The Mood [7] In 1994, the video was re-issued as a box set including an audio CD of the broadcast as well as the video.